Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finally We Can Listen To Bogue

Bogue was a band I played drums for a few years ago that broke up due to unfortunate circumstances. We were really good together but we were troubled. One of the many problems we had was not having any music released to the public. There is a studio recording they made before I joined the group that was really exceptional and supposed to be released but we were on a brand new label that never put it out. I found a live recording the other day and said damn I wish I could just release it myself. Of course it would be a losing buisness since the band no longer exists. I mentioned this to a friend and he suggested myspace, its free. So I threw up five songs on the myspace for all the ears that never heard Bogue and of course for the people that would like to hear Bogue again. Things are getting a little easier now but I really miss Danny.

If anybody wants a tape of a couple of live shows let me know. Click at the top.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flying under the radar is where you find the avant-garde

"We Who Live On Land" by the Scavenger Quartet on the Acidsoxx Musiks label was released last year and I now have the honor to review it. The album features exotic instruments and is centered around Frank Pahl's compositions. The music weaves sound with textures that rise and fall through the surface. In songs like Crimson Jellyfish and Elegant Mermaiden, the piano is wonderfully extended by the high bells and low horns and accompanied by the warm tones of the marimba. The Quartet's songs can be meditative in delivery, like the musicians are under a spell yet are in full control of the atmosphere they create.

The Scavenger Duo, Joel Peterson on stand up bass and percussion and Frank Paul playing the Farfisa, a cello made into a guitar and a steel guitar ukulele, played last night at Slows. Frank Pahl makes many of his own instruments and the unique sound of the Scavenger Duo at times resembles music like the Residents but it really defies categorization. In the live setting the duo plays with an ease that can only be described as beatific.

The album "We Who Live On Land" is fantastic. The Scavenger Quartet renders Pahl's compositions beautifully and the entire album is played with great skill and feeling. Available through

On a side note, Joel Peterson is becoming Detroit's Cultural Center, bringing us music in all varieties at The Bohemian National Home and on Monday nights at Slows.

More Pictures From Davin and Sarah's Vacation

1. Oliver Babin work at a contemporary museum in Paris (oop's I can't
remember the name). It's really a bronze sculpture??? It looks like
a perfect watermelon!!!

2. Oliver Babin also painted this very nice watermelon slice.

3. Look at all of those paintings!!! Daniel Buren needs a lot of
room to stretch out.

4. Yves Klein really knows the color blue. I can't remember the name
of this Museum either.

5. Richard Serra must have used about 1,000 pencils on this
drawing!!! While I was at the Pompidou I realized that Richard Serra
made some drawings that are way cooler than those dumb rusty sculptures.

6. Roy Litchenstein in the LE MOUVEMENTS DES IMAGES show at the

7. Frank Stella "Mas O Menos"

8. Hans Bellmer had a show at the Pompidou too.

9. The great minimalist Charlemagne Palestine played live in
Oostende, Belgium. That's Phil Niblock in the background!!! You can
watch a short video clip here: click here
10. Charlemagne Palestine spent a lot of time setting up the stuffed
animals. He brought them in a suitcase and took them out one by
one. He does the same thing every show.

Thanks for sharing your pictures Davin and Sarah!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Human Eye and Thallem McDonnas

Last Friday I witnessed a culture clash at a punk show when Human Eye performed with the SubHumans (an English punk band from the eighties)at the Magic Stick.The place was sold out, teenagers were there to see the SubHumans and the other bands they knew about. Tim Vulgar brought an Eye out and tried to put it on his head. This was very difficult to watch especially when the eye broke to reveal the black hoses that looked like snakes eating his head. All of this accompanied by a freakout climax. Human Eye played five songs and ended in a cloud of white dust. The event was reminiscent of the eighties punk revival vs. the seventies punk which moved into the electronic and experimental genres in the eighties. I wish I had a picture.

Sunday night I went to the Bohemian National Home to see a piano concert by Thollem McDonnas. Thollem played the entire set straight through and the polyphonic and polyrhythmical music was like some heard in Carnegie Hall or some other famous venue. Using the pedals of the instrument Thollem created a loud ocean of sound that could be heard throughout the entire Bohemian National Home. Check out Thollem McDonnas's record, if you can find it. The comprovisational piano music is a soothing revelation.

Davin Brainard/ Sarah Blakeman Comparison

Davin's version has hair.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sarah Burger Orange #9

Sarah Burger has been working with felt. The felt is all the same color but there are still subtle variations. This piece suggests a topographic map. Sarah has shown this work at the DAM and Cranbrook.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Davin and Sarah show us art from Rotterdam

Here are some sculptures by artist Franz West by the side of a canal. Are they poop's??? Doobies??? Nobody knows!!!

We saw this art installation by artist Madeleine Berkheimer at the gallery TENT. in Rotterdam. Oops!!! (Please note: the period after the word TENT is supposed to be there. It's just like Detroit's own "ADULT.").

Dutch artist David Bade made this sculpture located in a busy city intersection. Some people don't like it because it looks just like garbage. It does look a little like garbage but it's still great!!!

This is what the TIME STEREO video installation at NIGHTTOWN looked like. It was a part of the MOTEL MOZAIQUE festival. We showed movies like THE CLOUD, ABOUT FROG, THE MAGIC MINING KNOMES, CAMBODIA & THE PEOPLES ARMY, and a lot more.

They have a lot of funny buildings in Rotterdam, Holland!!!

COMING SOON: A visit to Paris including works by Hans Bellmer, Frank Stella, Richard Serra and a bunch more!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

John Egner's Park Shelton Mural

w/new garage
w/old garage

The John Egner mural is not what it used to be. The mural has survived but it has suffered significant damage from neglect and disregard. Outdoor murals can last a long time if they are cared for. There are many downtown murals that are looking beat up and are fading away.
There are three colors left on the John Egner mural. Early in the mural's life there were more colors. I have never talked to John about this but I wonder how he feels about the fate of this important work.
Even if a conservator were to restore it, the Park Shelton mural will never be the same again due to the new garage building covering half of it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Bohemian Opening

The Bohemian National Home: Opening Night Dance Party
April 21, 2006, 10pm

Opening Night Dance Party with DJs Brad Hales, Scott Zacharias and an appearance by Odu Afrobeat Orchestra. Two of Detroit's heaviest record collectors get the party started right, spining crazy dance records late into the night. The 14 piece Odu Afrobeat Orchestra supplies live dance music; lead by Adeboye Adegbenro, it's a driving heap of polyrhythms with Detroit music greats like Faruq Z Bey, Kenny Green, Michael Carey and Marko Novachcoff lead their voices to the deep rhythms. Music at 10 PM, $5.

The Bohemian National Home Gallery will be showing artwork by local painters Maria Antonia Castro and William Hafer.

The Bohemian National Home
3009 Tillman St.
On corner of Butternut St.
Detroit, MI .
PHONE: 313-737-6606

Friday, April 14, 2006

Davin and Sarah write to us from Holland

Sarah and Davin are on a working vacation; making art, going to museums, collaborating with other artists. Here they send us a picture postcard from Holland.

"There is a Urs Fisher show at Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam. He made a really big bear in the front!!!

This Paul Mcarthy sculpture was supposed to be installed in a public space in Rotterdam but it was moved to Boijmans because people didn't like the butt plug. It looks like an ice cream cone to me!!!

While in Rotterdam we are staying with famous Dutch artist Ronald Cornelissen. Here's one of his latest drawings.

He made us clean up his studio when we were supposed to be on vacation!!!

The studio looked nice when we finished. Ronald made these sculptures.

We made some cardboard grass and leaves.

Ronald made a bunny that spins around.

On Friday we will use the cardboard grass and leaves and spinning bunny to decorate our video installation at Nighttown. It's a part of the MOTEL MOZAIQUE festival April 14, 15, 16 in Rotterdam."

Thanks Sarah and Davin! We wish we could see your video installation at Nighttown.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sara Blakeman

Sara Blakeman has been preparing a new body of work. Sara will be showing her artwork in the upcoming critique. The critique is not happening this Saturday, but it will happen soon. To see more of Sara Blakeman's work click on her name at the top of this post.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Future of the Blog

If you are making art and want a little feedback I will post images of your work for people to leave comments. I would like the art section of this blog to become more of a critique service for anybody who needs it. Send me your images and any additional writing, my email is

In addition to the music section of the blog we plan to have interviews and record reviews coming soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Knife Skills, No Things, Timmy & Billy at the Painted Lady

It was Sunday night, a hand full of people showed up at the Painted Lady to see the New York bands No Things and Knife Skills. Both of the bands were impressive in their aggressive musical delivery. The Knife Skills were very loud, energetic and crazy.

No Things have a polyrhythmical approach, they even played in a five/four time signature at one point. Their rhythm section were previously in a band called the Liars.

Timmy called me about playing last minute on Sunday night. Unrehearsed we barreled through about seven mostly brand new songs some rough drafts of future Human Eye songs, and one or two Clone Defects songs.

Black Lips at the Magic Stick with the Dirtbombs

The Black Lips. They sounded like a different band since the last time I saw them in Milwaukee last year. Extensive European touring really tightens up a band. They sound like a 60's punk outfit only more mod, more punk, less throw-up. Think Small Faces or the Stones. Good rockin show, less antics than usual. Catch them next time.

The Dirtbombs awesome as always. Mick's voice keeps getting better and better. 2 drum kits 2 bass guitars. How can you not like it?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Michael Bizon

Michael Bizon came over last weekend and he brought one of his own modified sound devices. This particular piece is a simple tape recorder modified to modulate playback speed and has added noise options. In addition to being interesting to look at, Michael's pieces invite exploration with sound and recording. I am looking forward to working with him in the short time he'll be around in the city before continuing his education elsewhere in the fall.